Burna Boy’s Associates Accused Of Firing Gun At Night Club In Lagos

Burna Boy Sets New Record In Dublin Concert

Burna Boy Sets New Record In Dublin Concert

Burna Boy’s associates from his crew have been accused of a shooting incident that happened at Cubana club, Lagos State.

According to an eyewitness who shared the experiences on Twitter yesterday, the person narrated the incident saying that Burna Boy and his boys were fighting some guys at the club and bringing out guns to shoot, the eyewitness further claimed that the damaged people’s car in the process.

The tweet reads;

“So Burna Boy and his boys got into a fight with some guys at Cubana and they brought out guns and shot the other people, his police escorts also damaged people’s cars while trying to create a path for Burna and his boys to leave. This is a role model and this is Nigeria.”

Another witness tweeted;

“Burna boy no suppose deh walk freely if Nigeria and Lagos police deh actually work, you commot gun for club shoot because you and your boys they fight people”

“And to the whole of Cubana group, y’all are bastards, that kind of thing no fit actually happen for quilox shaaa, you go shoot person and escape freely, never.”

“Pu**y ass they carry gun come fist fight! No level at all.”

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