Ibraah – Nimepona

Ibraah Nimepona

Ibraah – Nimepona

Tanzanian singer Ibraah rolls out a new single, “Nimepona,” his debut record for the year.

Nimepona is a Swahili word in English that means (I Have Recovered) on this song Ibraah tells us a story of heartbreak.

It’s about someone he used to love unconditionally, but that person left. The song is about grief and the difficult time he has been through because of the pain of love.

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Eventually, he accepted the fact that the person he used to love is gone. He healed and he has made a peace with the situation.

Quotable Lyrics:

Nmejiuguza na nimepona
Mmh wewe
Nimejiuguza na nimepona
Mi mzima wa afya
Nimejiuguza na nimepona
Yanilitesa ila sijafaa
Nimejiuguza na nimeponaa
Uuh yeeeeh uuuuuh!

Listen below:

Ibraah – Nimepona MP3 DOWNLOAD

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