Ric Hassani – The One

Ric Hassani Amina The One

Ric Hassani – Amina The One

Nigerian pop-soul star Ric Hassani makes a significant impact in the music industry once again with the simultaneous release of two new singles: “Amina” and “The One.”

In “Amina,” Hassani ventures out of his comfort zone, experimenting with an Amapiano-inspired sound that promises to get listeners grooving on the dance floor.

The track features his melodic vocals combined with seductive lyrics and an infectious melody, providing a fresh take on Afro-R&B that’s both innovative and familiar.

Meanwhile, “The One” is poised to be the ultimate summer anthem, igniting the festival season in 2023. Hassani’s signature style is evident, delivering a track that is both captivating and reflective, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

For Hassani, these two new tracks are more than just catchy tunes. They represent his dedication to his craft and his commitment to pushing boundaries and defying genre conventions.

“Amina” and “The One” showcase Hassani’s artistic vision and his ability to blend different genres and styles seamlessly, from soulful R&B to uplifting Afrobeat, all while maintaining a unique sound that’s unmistakably his own.

These two new singles offer a glimpse of what fans can expect from him in the coming months, cementing his status as one of Nigeria’s most exciting and innovative musical talents.

With Hassani’s impressive production values, undeniable catchiness, and his undeniable talent, “Amina” and “The One” are not to be missed.

Quotable Lyrics:

Nwanyi oma youre the queen of my heart
If I marry you na till death do us part
You’re my chop chop you lift me up when I need someone
You’re the one one youre the one you the only one

Owey owey yo yo oh ooohh
You’re the one one you’re the one you the only one
Owey owey yo yo oh ooohh
You’re the one one you’re the one you the only one

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